AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus
ANC: Ante-natal care
APSSC: UNICEF Asia Pacific Shared Services Centre
AWP: Annual Work Plan (of UNICEF)


Childinfo: Official website of MICS
CCA: Common Country Assessment (of the UN)
CEECIS: UNICEF Central & Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States Regional Office
CO: Country Office
CPAP: Country Programme Action Plan (of UNICEF)
CRC: Contract Review Committee (UNICEF)
CSO: Central Statistical Organization
CSPro: Census and Survey Processing System. Statistical package. (www.cspro.org )
CSV: Comma-separated values, a file format


DAC: Development Assistance Committee (of the OECD)
DB: Database
DESA: Department of Economic and Social Affairs (of the UN)
DevInfo: UN supported database system to organize, store, display data in a uniform format
DFID: Department for International Development (UK)
DHS: Demographic and Health Surveys
DPP: UNICEF HQ Division of Policy and Practice
DPT: Diphteria Pertussis Tetanus Vaccine


EA: Enumeration Area
EAPRO: UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office
ECD: Early Childhood Development
EO: Evaluation Office at UNICEF HQ
ESARO: UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office
ESCWA: Economic and Social Commission for West Africa (UN)
EU: European Union
ExDir: Executive Directive


HBS: Household Budget Survey
HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HQ: Headquarters (for UNICEF, headquarters in New York)


ICDS: Integrated Child Development Services
IGME: Interagency Group for Mortality Estimation
IHME: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
IHSN: International Household Survey Network
IMR: Infant Mortality RateIOM: International Organization for Migration
IYCF: Infant and Young Child Feeding


KAP (Surveys): Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (Surveys)


LAC: Latin American Countries
LAS: League of Arab States (supports PAPFAM surveys)
LDC: Less Developed Country
LSMS: Living Standards Measurement Survey


M&E: Monitoring and Evaluation
MDG: Millennium Development Goals
MENARO: UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office
MIC: Middle Income Country
MICs: Middle Income Countries
MICS: Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys
MICS1: First Round of MICS Surveys
MICS2: Second Round of MICS Surveys
MICS3: Third Round of MICS Surveys
MICS4: Fourth Round of MICS Surveys
MICSers: Obviously, those involved with MICS
MoU: Memorandum of Understanding
MTR: Mid-Term Review
MTSP: Medium Term Strategic Plan (of UNICEF)
MTSP: Medium Term Strategic Priorities (of UNICEF)


NGO: Non-Governmental Organization
NSO: National Statistical Office


OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECD-DAC: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – Development Assistance Committee
OMP: Office Management Plan (UNICEF)
OR: Other Resources (a type of UNICEF funding)


PAPFAM: Pan Arab Project for Family Health
PD: Programme Division at UNICEF HQ
PDA: Personal Digital Assistant (Hand held computer device)
PNC: Post-natal care
PRS: Poverty Reduction Strategy


RBM: Results Based Management
RHS: Reproductive Health Surveys
RMT: Regional Management Team
RMT: Regional Management Team (of UNICEF)
RO: Regional Office
ROSA: UNICEF South Asia Regional Office
RR: Regular Resources (type of UNICEF funding)


SG: Secretary General
SMS: Statistics and Monitoring Section at UNICEF HQ
SOWC: State of the World’s ChildrenSPO: Senior Planning Officer
SPSS: Statistical Package for Social Sciences


TACRO: UNICEF The Americas and Caribbean Regional Office
ToR: Terms of Reference
ToT: Training of Trainers


U5MR: Under-Five Mortality Rate
UN: United Nations
UNAIDS: United Nations AIDS Programme
UNCT: UN Country Team
UNDAF: UN Development Assistance Framework
UNDG: UN Development Group
UNDOCO: UN Development Operations Coordination Office
UNDP: United Nations Development Programme
UNECA: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
UNFPA: United Nations Population Fund
UN-HABITAT: United Nations Human Settlements Programme
UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund
UNJP: UN Joint Programme
UNRC: UN Resident Coordinator
USAID: United States Agency for International Development


WB: The World Bank
WCARO: UNICEF Western and Central Africa Regional Office
WFFC: A World Fit for Children
WFP: World Food Programme
WHO: World Health Organization
WSC: World Summit for Children